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New phone # 803-343-5439

June 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

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Here’s the latest…

June 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Jubilee takes a short break to get each child to a camp for a week away from home! It’s funny how God gives specifically donated monies for that even when we can’t pay other bills. The experiences the children need are always first with Him and with our staff!

I am in NC with little ones who are attending Camp Cedar Cliff Day Camp and staying overnights at my mom’s. Last week, Jada, Johnetta and Robert went to Hickory Cove Bible Camp and loved it —except Johnetta broke her foot and had to come home for surgery!! yikes! She was a trooper ! Robert stayed on to work on the jr. staff for a few weeks before going to the SC Governor’s School for Arts and Drama 2 week summer Discovery program. We pray that it will go well and will lead to “real” Gov. School for his Jr. and Sr. year of high school, down the road. He is now starting 9th grade. Isaiah and Aaron are spending the week at a beautiful horse farm in Rock Hill, SC with our Mr. Cameron. They and Asia and Amaya will go to Hickory Cove in July. Amaya is with Shandon youth at Kids Jam Camp. Whew!

Todd is handling things like a pro - the air conditioner is out at Jubilee so of course, he is working other places until we find someone to help with that.

Our staff is living sacrificially for sure - The Board and I paid off a large debt for us, back in April which made it necessary for me to get my SC teacher retirement money out. After paying my part of the debt, I’ve been subsidizing the ministry - I haven’t been able to pay staff since end of May - I’ve gone without pay since April. One teacher cashed a paycheck they did get, and gave it back designating it for camp for his students. Wow! What a blessing it is to work with others who are so mission-minded and living with faith that God will provide for all needs. Please pray that we will be given the $35,000 which will finish our fiscal year in July EVEN! We want to start our new school year well -

Aug. 11 will bring us back to Jubilee with some new students in the lower elementary age group. Anna Sharp will begin her Montessori training and will take on the new little ones. Abile Sultan will work with the upper elementary group and team teach with Anna and Todd on Art, Music and special projects. Todd will be the Academic Coach for the middle and high group of 4: Johnetta, Jada, Robert and Amaya who will attend some classes with the homeschoolers at their resource center. Mrs. Carolee Watt will begin 2 new classes for us: Infant/Parent and Toddler/Parent. Both will meet weekly at our newly renovated center in the alley of apartments on Waites Road. (Faith Court, formerly gates of hell)

Please pray as we work toward excellence and influencing more families for Christ and His ways! It is our true desire to see changes in the welfare dependent values and mindset which will enable our children to fulfill the seeds of promise, God has planted in them!

We thank Teresa Ruducille for all her help and support as we learn from her to “make our case” in an excellent and organized manner, for fund raising. Our new school year’s budget will include a savings plan of 3 months of expenses and still be under $399,000.

We thank Debbie Zveineik for her visit and her funding through her husband’s foundation. We are blessed by those who believe in our children and families and in the ministry we are doing.

Please pray as we search for other foundations and corporations who would join in our work!

I especially want to thank April Allen for all her love and support - her mind races with amazing ideas that will help others. The Jr. League Ladies are a GOD SEND! They have fed us for these last weeks and have provided such blessings over and over! I had no idea how much wonderful work that group could do - it’s mind boggling! Ladies, we love you!

Please pray blessings on The Daughters of The Cross and the Trinity Bazaar in November - they are choosing to bless us with part of their earnings. Wow! We are making crafts to sell and will be there at a table to participate in this great event!

Please pray as the Lipscombe foundation considers us for a grant - I was tickled at how many personal connections I have with the family: one sister has moved to Black Mtn. (my hometown) and they have always summered in Montreat. I pray that we will build a relationship that will be a blessing to both sides.

We continue to get nice comments about the Reach Out Columbia! March article. “Todd is so good-looking”, “Todd is so huge”, “Todd is such a blessing”, etc. YES! YES! YES! Pray for him as he seeks God’s will for him in our work. He IS the ONE the children want to be LIKE!

Blessings to all -

We are resting in the shadow of the wings of the Most High - He is ABLE to handle ALL we care about!

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Pick up a Reach Out Columbia magazine (March2010) and REJOICE with us!

March 19th, 2010 · 4 Comments

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Jubilee Academy Gets Donation from Taco Bell wltx.com | Columbia, SC News, Weather and Sports |

March 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment


Jubilee Academy Gets Donation from Taco Bell wltx.com | Columbia, SC News, Weather and Sports |.

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Please vote for us to win $500 at http://www.daybreakcare.com

March 4th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Please go to  http://www.daybreakcare.com and vote for Heartworks and Jubilee - we could win $500 which would be a blessing! Funding is low and we live on donations - please spread the word!

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Our Current Wish List (not in any particular order)

December 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

 UPDATED Heartworks and Jubilee Academy  Needs/Wish List:

  • A Mac laptop or desktop; (can be used to create our own fundraising videos)
  • Lunches - see our Care Calendar on this website
  • Tires for 3 vehicles
  • Chairs that fit the children properly for 3 classrooms;
  • Fruit for morning snacks each day;
  • MINI BUS   (in the meantime: replacement vehicles for old dodge minivans)
  • Woodworking tools and materials;
  • GIFT CARDS to Sam’s, Wal-mart, Dollar General, Amazon.com, Christian Book Distributors, Foundation for American Education, gas, Moe’s, Lizard’s Thicket, McAlister’s;
  • Gas grill
  • Large mixer
  • Commercial can opener
  • rolling tv stand
  • 3 round folding tables
  • bar stools
  • dvd player
  • kitchen items for new afterschool program - Heartworks at Faith Court
  • long hose
  • Large refrigerator
  • Ink blocks for Xerox Phaser 8400 - all colors
  • sets of uniform logo shirts (long sleeves)
  • Monkey bars and climbing set;
  • A replacement air conditioning unit for Jubilee classroom side of building;
  • Fencing around Jubilee
  • Security system w/cameras
  • Grocery Cards for moms to Bi-Lo, Food Lion, etc.
  • Fun treats for faculty and staff - they work extremely hard for sacrificial pay;
  • First Aid items
  • Healthy snacks for afternoons;
  • No sugar added Juice boxes;
  • Interns for a semester;
  • A GRANT WRITER who can spend weekly time researching and going after long term funding!

A HUGE Thank you to Mr. Larry Watt for bringing a beautiful picnic table to us!! A HUGE Thank you to the Junior League ladies of Columbia who are bringing an embroidery machine and teaching us how to use it! A HUGE Thank you to those who helped make Christmas such a blessing for so many!

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Hey, we’re on TV again!

September 18th, 2009 · 1 Comment

We are very thankful to God for another positive story in the local media this week about Jubilee Academy!

The original story can be found here. Check out the other stories about us at the top of the sidebar of this page. Thank you for your support and prayers.

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September 18th, 2009 · No Comments

I am so excited that I can hardly type - Two of us had to hold back our paychecks from last Monday because our bank account would be overdrafted. Today is Friday and I personally have $17 in my own account, so I was beginning to fret about the weekend with two girls living with me and Todd home for a visit.

I was on the phone in the car with Joy (Rose Hill Pres. church secretary and our bookkeeper) going over the numbers now that I was headed to the bank with a deposit of $600. Joy said we still couldn’t make it - we would be in the hole $2000 still - I was sad, but am a firm believer that THIS is GOD”S MINISTRY and HE is in charge of PROVISIONS! For ten years of ups and downs, Jehovah Jirah has provided and we have NEVER had to shut our doors - all the while MANY wonderful CHRISTIAN business folks who LOVE us suggested it. They have an extremely hard time with the FAITH part of ministry funding.

So - I told Joy I would only make one phone call and we would wait upon God to see what He would do by the end of today. She prayed with me on the phone while I leaned on the van at Zesto’s drinking a diet coke (a comfort drink). I got in the car, drove off and dialed the one phone call - one of those automated directory things came on and I was trying to figure out what to press when a Board Member beeped in. I took his call, to hear him say ——– “Sandee, I just decided that I am will bring this month’s gift and next month’s gift over today, so expect $2000.” I whispered - “When did you decide this?” He said, “just in the last few minutes, why?” I had to tell him that Joy and I had prayed NOT 3 MINUTES before - we both got teary and rejoiced.

I drove quickly back to Jubilee, gathered everyone from their classrooms to the living room to share the story of how God SO QUICKLY had sent the exact amount we needed for the two paychecks. Three little ones wanted to pray - I am sure God was blessed by their sincere, precious words of Thanksgiving.

They went back to class and I walked into the office to have Kari hand me an envelope from a volunteer and friend who had come by while I was gone those 15 minutes. In the envelope was a letter explaining her planned summer mission trip which for many reasons God had kept her from taking, along with a check for $1000 which was the refund from the airline for her unused ticket.

If you don’t think I have chills and am laughing out loud - just think about it!!! Oh my goodness - That check was in the works for us back in July. The $2000 was decided upon today -God IS AMAZING and we should NOT be surprised, but are FULL of JOY and are growing EVERY DAY in FAITH and TRUST that HE WILL take care of HIS work!

May all who read this be encouraged!



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Calling Committed Volunteers!

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Come join in the Year of Promise

Ms. Sharp is amazing with her older students!

Ms. Sharp is amazing with her older students!


Mr. McQueen is our Math Professor for grades one through twelve.

Mr. McQueen is our Math Professor for grades one through twelve.

Mrs. Watt is such an expert on so many things! She is a JOY!

Mrs. Watt is such an expert on so many things! She is a JOY!

Mrs. Jane Simoneau is a wonderful library volunteer!

Mrs. Jane Simoneau is a wonderful library volunteer!

- Experiencing Excellence EVERY DAY! We need help in every area of our organization. You may contact us at the office by calling 803-252-4236, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please speak to Mrs. Kari Heffron to begin the volunteer process. You will be blessed!

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Jubilee students get academic needs met with specialized attention!

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Our Todd is THE ONE our children want to follow. He is a marvelous example for them and spends quality time with them as often as possible.

Our Todd is THE ONE our children want to follow. He is a marvelous example for them and spends quality time with them as often as possible.

Learning practical life skills is fun with Mr. Bray!
Learning practical life skills is fun with Mr. Bray!
Mr. Sultan helps the second and third graders with advanced work.

Mr. Sultan helps the second and third graders with advanced work.

Navaeh is learning to hammer nails in preparation for a building project.

Navaeh is learning to hammer nails in preparation for a building project.

At Jubilee Academy our students are able to “catch up” on skills they never mastered and move quickly through new concepts with the master teachers. God sends amazing veterans who are able to help students take great steps towards acadmic excellence - fulfilling our mission! THANK YOU to all who give sacrificially of their time and finances to teach and train our students. Each has God-given potential and we want to help them fulfill every aspect of it!

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2009-2010 Year of Promise! Experiencing Excellence EVERY DAY!

September 17th, 2009 · No Comments

The need grows - our budget shows it! Excellence is expensive BUT the rewards are priceless! We have added superb staff members who bring new gifts and are making HUGE impacts on all of our student body and Jubilee family! Both new teachers are fluent in Spanish, one leads in singing each morning after the pledges - music opens and uses both sides of our brains which prepares our children beautifully for starting academics each day. Our Yearlong Theme: TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES! We are creating a powerful curriculum using The Bible as our text. All ages are studying Genesis 1 - Life of Moses during this year of a Three Year Plan. Each month we will focus on one of the Ten Commandments and one of The Beatitudes. It is fun to watch our children working harder than ever and pushing themselves to excellence.

Please take this opportunity to share in this year of Promise and Excellence - Our new accreditation with South Carolina Independent School Association and additional work on fine tuning the organization of Heartworks community ministry and Jubilee Academy is bringing us to a new level. We’ve been dreaming of the time when things worked this well - Please GIVE to help make this possible - our budget for this school year includes so many marvelous experiences for our children and parents ($300,000) and we NEED your help! Those who already give are able to share in the JOY and expectation of how God will manifest their investment in the lives of others! Thank you -

Mr. Sultan shows his K-3 group maps of the world.

Mr. Sultan shows his K-3 group maps of the world.

First week of school is always in the mtns. of NC!

First week of school is always in the mtns. of NC!

Morning music to open up our brains and praise God!

Morning music to open up our brains and praise God!

Isaiah on climbing wall at Camp Cedar Cliff!

Isaiah on climbing wall at Camp Cedar Cliff!

Mr. Sultan and class show off their "green thumbs".

Mr. Sultan and class show off their

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School lunch calendar for 2009.

December 15th, 2008 · No Comments

We have updated the Jubilee school lunch calendar for 2009. Please login to CareCalendar.org to see what dates are available in 2009 to provide lunches for our students.

Here’s how you log in to our CareCalendar:
user id: 6993
password: 7197

As always, your donations of school lunches are very much appreciated by all of us at Heartworks. Have a Merry Christmas!

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New Video!

September 7th, 2008 · No Comments

Courtesy of First Presbyterian Church here in Columbia:

This will also be posted in our “About Us” page.

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The little ones love to have TODD read to them!

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

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Todd racks up on Valentines from “his” kids!

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

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