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Entries from June 2007

Jubilee Academy’s first year ended with a splash!

June 28th, 2007 · Comments Off

Dear Friends,

Jubilee Academy’s first full year ended with a splash! A wonderful Presentation and Awards Day on June 1 and later a fun swimming party at “Miss Rene’s” (White), followed by 2 weeks of Cross Training Camp! It’s really been something!

Thank you to all who have made this first year of our new school such a success! Many of you have participated in ways that make a tremendous difference: AWANA teachers, Sunday School leaders, Lunch providers, Snack providers, Church friends, VBS leaders, Prayer supporters, Cleaner-uppers, Tutors, Craft Leaders, General Helpers, Camp Scholarship givers, Donors, Recreation helpers, Volunteers, Mentors, and all those I can’t possibly list all of, nor thank enough! May God richly bless you for being such a blessing to our children, teens, families, staff and entire ministry family!

Everyone is heading off to camps and is so excited they can hardly stand it! Brandon was blessed with a summer job on the staff of Bethel Christian Camp and is sweating away in their kitchen - loving every minute of it! He’s the only “man” in a kitchen filled with ladies!  He and Jessica and Johnetta spent a week at CIU for “GO CAMP” provided by MidTown Fellowship - a week of service projects and worship for teens! Jessica, especially, had a very deep and emotional experience and has written a letter to God (which she shared with me) remembering His mightiness in her life and committing more of herself to him, for the future! I am thrilled to see Him working in my children! He is preparing them for the wonderful works He has planned for them to do - set up before they were born!!

Johnetta, Jessica, and Tiara are at FCA Girls Sports Camp in NC, now - while I am at my mom’s in Ridgecrest holding “camp” with Amaya(7) and Asia(5) who were too little to go to any of our camps this year! They are totally excited about joining the Montreat Clubbies this week and can hardly wait to spend more time in the creek - their favorite thing!

Devyn, Robert, Jada and Jasmine are with Shandon’s group at Centri-Kid Camp in the upstate. They could hardly sleep waiting for Monday morning to get here - it was the highlight of last summer and I am sure it will be again! I am so very thankful for Mimi, Leslee, Dawn and their whole staff that provides the wonderful, life-long memory making programs for children!

Some will be at Hickory Cove Bible Camp and at Bethel Christian Camp before we start Jubilee Academy again on August 1! The first 3 days of school will again be spent in Black Mtn., NC, exploring “Miss Hensley’s Mountains” and getting our minds focused on our strength coming from the “hills” of our Lord!

Our test scores from 3 standardized test times over this first year have proved that IT’S WORKING!! Everyone came up, up, up and have been given a renewed mind from Christ that blesses them with JOY in learning new things! I am amazed - shouldn’t be - but am…at what God has accomplished through our work! My prayer is that each student will work up to their age/grade level within this next year and surpass what anyone thought they could do. They are showing more interest in “world view” issues and are able to apply scripture to our daily lives in such practical and powerful ways! Wow! I beam with pride in Christ who HAS strengthened me and WHO has accomplished so much right in front of my eyes!

Please continue to pray for us - I hope for the provision required to add 6-8 new kindergarteners by Aug.1 - we’ll see what God does!

Blessings -
Sandee Hensley

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