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Working to turn the hearts and lives of inner city children, youth and their families towards Christ and academic excellence.

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Entries from July 2007

Jubilee Kids at Bethel Bible Camp!

July 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Three cheers for Bethel Bible Camp!

Robert with his cabin guys at Bethel camp.

D’Erika’s HUGE smile says how she felt about Bethel Bible Camp!

Robert got the Drama Award - imagine that!

Jada’s hair tells the story: she’s done it ALL at Bethel Bible Camp!

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PayPal Donation Button is “Go”!

July 12th, 2007 · Comments Off

After jumping through the requisite banking hoops and overcoming some technical difficulties, I just wanted to let our readers know that the PayPal donation button at the lower-right hand corner of the banner photo is now active. Now anyone who visits this site can send money to this most worthy cause through their Paypal account (or a credit card if absolutely necessary). Heartworks is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution, so any donations you send are tax-deductible. Lets keep these good people going, folks. I am having a lot of fun being

Your Obed’t Site Administrator,

Ben W.

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Please continue to pray…

July 12th, 2007 · Comments Off

Dear Friends,

Please continue to pray for the Whetsell family Lexington Pres. Church. Austin’s funeral was one of the hardest things I’ve sat through in years, but it was beautiful. Everyone did a marvelous job at proclaiming the HOPE of HEAVEN - but the grief and hurt will take GOD’S Mercy and Time to relieve. I am amazed at the legacy left by a young 15 year old - so many things that we all hope will be said about us, was made clear about this precious child. Glory to God!

Also, we are still working on our deficit from the end of the school year - June left us with some catching up to do - God is working in the hearts of givers and those who care enough to help us find financial support that will sustain the mighty ministry of Heartworks and Jubilee Academy.

Each child is attending summer camp, some for 2 weeks - they are loving it! Most of them want to “LIVE” at camp and not come home - ha ha! how precious! How wonderful for all of our children to have this powerful experience - I remember my own camping experiences as a young child and know that they were influencial in all of my life.

We are working at Heartworks to get ready for Aug. 1 - Jubilee Academy Year #2 - wow! Please pray that we will be able to afford the carpet cleaning, the bug man coming (we have an issue), new curriculum, staff and all that our 3 day trip to Black Mtn., NC for the first days of school, requires!

MAJOR PRAYER is needed about the donated building that needs to be moved to our property and set up for our use - it has been sitting for months waiting to come - those who committed to helping are busy - we need the space! It will require some remodeling when it arrives and we will need workers –whenever that time comes. God is in control - we will wait on HIM!

Please pray for Todd as he searches for a new apartment by Aug. 1 - one he can afford - and possibly a different job. He has a Sports Management degree from Clemson and I am anxious for him to use it and his talent in that area - OR - go back for a little more school (which the mention of, sends him into orbit - smile).

Many Blessings to you all,


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