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Entries from August 2007

Hello from Sandee, Director!

August 12th, 2007 · No Comments

Thank you to all who are supporting us during this very exciting time in our ministry! Jubilee has had a powerful first week and a half - a four day trip to my hometown, Black Mtn.,NC and 5 days in the classroom with some additional curriculum. We are pouring on the work and the kiddos are loving it! Our new History curriculum is a great homeschool choice, The Story of the World - Ancient Times. It is fun and full of great information. Who knew it took 2 months to make a mummy?

Devon Copeland did a wonderful job on our State news article. I thank God for those who see us as a positive work and who will support us with helpful words - getting the word out on what God is doing in our inner city! Yahoo!

I want to especially thank Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wisdom (volunteers) and Mrs. Sandra Steele (one of our parents) for purchasing and donating computers to update our lab. Technology is so very important in education and in learning to seek and find answers to life’s questions - ALL of the children, 5-17 yrs. , are learning to research for info. on lesson subjects and all will be creating their own powerpoint presentations, which they learned to do last term. We really are very blessed with THINGS - now, our upcoming fundraiser and positive publicity will hopefully raise our donation base to cover monthly expenses and give us the ability to work toward our VISION - beyond just paying bills!

We also thank Jack Felmy and his family for our new playground which he built for his Eagle Scout Project! We are loving it - although this last week it’s been too hot to play but in 5 min. intervals. We need fencing that will go around our playground and basketball court - we have folks to install it, if we can get it donated or at a great deal!

We’d love for you to come for a visit to see us for yourselves and catch up - hope this week is a great one for everyone!



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