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Working to turn the hearts and lives of inner city children, youth and their families towards Christ and academic excellence.

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About Us.

Leviticus 25 explains God’s plan for every 50th year to be a Year of Jubilee! The slaves were to be set free, debts were to be forgiven, and the land was given a rest from planting. God was to be remembered as the Lord of All! All was to be Redeemed! Jubilee Academy opened on August 1st, 2006 as a Jubilee and a New Beginning for our children and their education. This unique environment nurtures students towards analytical thinking and problem-solving to develop independence and a Biblical World View!

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Turning Hearts and Lives toward Christ and Academic Excellence!

Amaya Reading

In a desperate area of Columbia, South Carolina, Heartworks Ministry has provided a safe haven of love and light for children and their families. Children in the inner city of Columbia face obstacles every day, including broken homes, crime, violence, drugs, and lack of appropriate role models. Sandee Hensley taught these children in school and saw the effects this environment had on their lives. “It affected their schoolwork, their social skills, their moral development and gave them little opportunity for a positive future,” said Ms. Hensley.

Hand On

In 1998, Hensley was led to resign from her teaching position and open Heartworks Ministry in the Waites Road area of Columbia. Volunteers, former students and their families helped to remodel a house that would become a loving environment for the children in the area. From the start, Heartworks Ministry had a positive impact on children and families: teaching them about the love of Christ and showing them that love, improving their academic performance and social skills, and even reaching out to the families and giving them hope as well. The house has served as a refugefor the children after school and during the summer. Heartworks Ministry has grown tremendously since that timeand has relocated to a building donated by Crescent Hill Baptist Church, which has enabled the ministry to increase its outreach to the community. A sweet spirit resides at Heartwork as hope, love, encouragement and empowerment are shared with those who have known only hopelessness.

The First of many Brothers and Sisters

Todd and Sandee

Todd McClinton met Sandee Hensley as an 8th grader in her class. He and his family became the inspiration and the first volunteers in the creation of Heartworks Ministry. Todd is a mentor and role model for the children and teens at Heartworks and is everybody’s favorite thing! Todd graduated in May 2005 from Clemson with a degree in Sports Management, after 5 years on the football team. Sandee and Heartworks are very proud of Todd and look forward to others following after him!

Bringing Hope and Light
through six strategic Program Areas:

  • Bible Teaching & Training in Christian Living
  • Academic Enrichment & Tutoring
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Mentoring & Discipleship
  • Art, Music, Drama & Sign Language
  • Sports, Recreation & Summer Camps


“As a parent, I know that Heartworks has helped my son to become more independent, develop his talent for art and has shown him the path of the Lord!”

– Ms. Dorothy Terrell

“I am happy because I get to learn more and I am liking reading better than I used to. I have already read eleven books and taken the Accelerated Reader tests for them. I love Miss Hensley and the other teachers!”

– Johnetta, 12

“At Jubilee we read the Bible and pray. I love Jubilee so much because we work hard and care about people. I will teach you the Holy Bible if you come visit.”

– Jada, 10

“I like coming to Heartworks because Miss Hensley & Todd inspire me to go to college and do something successful with my life.”

– Jessica, 14

How you can reach us:

Mailing Address:
Heartworks Ministry
P.O. Box 4476
Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: (803) 252-4236

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