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New phone # 803-343-5439

June 30th, 2010 · No Comments

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Learning is Fun, but hard work!

December 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

I am thrilled as I visit the classrooms each day, here at Jubilee. To hear all ages learning Spanish, role playing the stories of Moses and the Israelites and watching the momentum building into EXCELLENCE is powerful! God is blessing each of our children as He opens their minds and hearts to new things and as they commit important information and applications to memory for use in life. Please pray for us as we continue to push ourselves and our children to new heights!   Sandee Hensley, Headmistress

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Todd helping Jasmine with the new microscope.

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

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Morning Pledges

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

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Ben Lippen Cooking Club brought a wonderful lunch to Jubilee!

December 20th, 2007 · No Comments

A huge thanks to the Ben Lippen Cooking Club for their servant-hearted gift to us! They spent their time, money and effort to show us love by cooking a great meal AND serving us with smiles! What a wonderful project!

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Jubilee is jumping! (from the Director)

September 26th, 2007 · No Comments

So much has been marvelous since we started back to school, August 1! Just this week: Amaya was baptized on Missions Day, this past Sunday, OUTSIDE at Shandon Baptist Church along with 17 others - it was a powerful sight! She did great! Amaya has also become our Jubilee Prayer Coordinator and keeps a notebook with each prayer request for our Jubilee Family and Friends. God has given our children such a heart for prayer - I am amazed and thrilled! They truly believe that God hears us and answers!

Missions Sunday at both Sea Coast Community Fellowship and Shandon Baptist were both successful! Thank you to both churches for having us with our booths of information and giving us the opportunities to speak to folks who are interested in what God is doing through us, in our inner city community. In some of the darkest corners of our city, God is shining some bright lights and teaching our children at a young age, to represent Him and HIS love within their own families and groups of friends. We hope that God will speak to more hearts about volunteering, praying for us and sending monthly financial support that will sustain Heartworks and Jubilee Academy leading to expansion and growth!

Have you heard of the Divine Playhouse at Lake Carolina? Wowee!!! We had such a wonderful experience there and are looking forward to becoming part of their “homeschool group” that meets each Wed. for Dance, Drama and Art lessons. Sweet Sarah Clough, who we’ve known for years from Shandon, called us up weeks ago volunteering to teach our children Liturgical Dance. She has been coming and the children have shown great interest - so, she invited us to the Divine Playhouse where she actually takes lessons and teaches younger ones. Sara and her sister Emily brought the most precious dance outfits for EVERY ONE of our 12 students to us this morning. We thanked them and God but did not find out until later that they had used their own bundle of savings (designated for an upcoming event)! I almost cried as the chills crawled up the back of my neck! Their mom would not let me even suggest giving back to them, explaining to me that “this is how they grow” and “it was all Sarah’s idea - she wants to do it”. The children and I discussed this true blessing in love and we are now thinking of what things we each could “give up” for someone else. We have committed to sending a monthly Blessing Box/Care Package to our friend and new missionary to Sudan, Dr. Ingrid Reneau. Please pray for God’s richest blessings on those who bless others so sweetly and sacrificially!

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Jubilee Kids at Bethel Bible Camp!

July 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Three cheers for Bethel Bible Camp!

Robert with his cabin guys at Bethel camp.

D’Erika’s HUGE smile says how she felt about Bethel Bible Camp!

Robert got the Drama Award - imagine that!

Jada’s hair tells the story: she’s done it ALL at Bethel Bible Camp!

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Jubilee Academy’s first year ended with a splash!

June 28th, 2007 · Comments Off

Dear Friends,

Jubilee Academy’s first full year ended with a splash! A wonderful Presentation and Awards Day on June 1 and later a fun swimming party at “Miss Rene’s” (White), followed by 2 weeks of Cross Training Camp! It’s really been something!

Thank you to all who have made this first year of our new school such a success! Many of you have participated in ways that make a tremendous difference: AWANA teachers, Sunday School leaders, Lunch providers, Snack providers, Church friends, VBS leaders, Prayer supporters, Cleaner-uppers, Tutors, Craft Leaders, General Helpers, Camp Scholarship givers, Donors, Recreation helpers, Volunteers, Mentors, and all those I can’t possibly list all of, nor thank enough! May God richly bless you for being such a blessing to our children, teens, families, staff and entire ministry family!

Everyone is heading off to camps and is so excited they can hardly stand it! Brandon was blessed with a summer job on the staff of Bethel Christian Camp and is sweating away in their kitchen - loving every minute of it! He’s the only “man” in a kitchen filled with ladies!  He and Jessica and Johnetta spent a week at CIU for “GO CAMP” provided by MidTown Fellowship - a week of service projects and worship for teens! Jessica, especially, had a very deep and emotional experience and has written a letter to God (which she shared with me) remembering His mightiness in her life and committing more of herself to him, for the future! I am thrilled to see Him working in my children! He is preparing them for the wonderful works He has planned for them to do - set up before they were born!!

Johnetta, Jessica, and Tiara are at FCA Girls Sports Camp in NC, now - while I am at my mom’s in Ridgecrest holding “camp” with Amaya(7) and Asia(5) who were too little to go to any of our camps this year! They are totally excited about joining the Montreat Clubbies this week and can hardly wait to spend more time in the creek - their favorite thing!

Devyn, Robert, Jada and Jasmine are with Shandon’s group at Centri-Kid Camp in the upstate. They could hardly sleep waiting for Monday morning to get here - it was the highlight of last summer and I am sure it will be again! I am so very thankful for Mimi, Leslee, Dawn and their whole staff that provides the wonderful, life-long memory making programs for children!

Some will be at Hickory Cove Bible Camp and at Bethel Christian Camp before we start Jubilee Academy again on August 1! The first 3 days of school will again be spent in Black Mtn., NC, exploring “Miss Hensley’s Mountains” and getting our minds focused on our strength coming from the “hills” of our Lord!

Our test scores from 3 standardized test times over this first year have proved that IT’S WORKING!! Everyone came up, up, up and have been given a renewed mind from Christ that blesses them with JOY in learning new things! I am amazed - shouldn’t be - but am…at what God has accomplished through our work! My prayer is that each student will work up to their age/grade level within this next year and surpass what anyone thought they could do. They are showing more interest in “world view” issues and are able to apply scripture to our daily lives in such practical and powerful ways! Wow! I beam with pride in Christ who HAS strengthened me and WHO has accomplished so much right in front of my eyes!

Please continue to pray for us - I hope for the provision required to add 6-8 new kindergarteners by Aug.1 - we’ll see what God does!

Blessings -
Sandee Hensley

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Lunch at Jubilee

May 16th, 2007 · Comments Off

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Mike’s Valentine.

February 14th, 2007 · Comments Off

Mike made up a silly song for Valentine’s day.

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